Þú ert kveikjan / You are the Input

Listasafn Árnesinga
Curated by Erin Honeycutt

You are the Input is a participatory installation that explores the tension between order and disorder in a playful manner. The installation is based on a systematic pattern that the guests of the exhibition can disturb with their movement and touch. The work consists of painted frames that form different vanishing points in the space. On the walls are monochrome painted surfaces in pastel colours and on the floor a grid, which has been drawn in graphite. Red snooker balls are systematically placed on the floor. The frames are all the same except for the width that varies from frame to frame. They are all painted in the same way, each side making an individual painting, some are hard edge and monochrome while others are more painterly, showing layers of colours and bearing witness to the painting process. The frames are loosely attached to the ceiling and the floor of the gallery and can be set into rotation on a center axis. With the viewer’s movement, new angles appear, frames rotate and balls on the floor move out of place. At the end of the day, the exhibition is reset to the original pattern so that the variability always begins from the same point zero the next day and so the installation continues to exist in a constant flux between order and disorder.

You are the Input was first shown in Galerie Herold, an artist-run space in Bremen, Germany. It was later adapted to the space of Listasafn Árnesinga / LÁ Art Museum in Hveragerði, Iceland.

Ljósmyndir / Photos: Helgi Vignir Bragason