Blink of an eye / Augnablik

Verksmiðjan Hjalteyri

Blink of an eye  is a site specific installation created for a group exhibition at Verksmiðjan, an old herring factory in North Iceland that has been turned into a project space for contemporary art. The work consists of a slightly oversized wooden swing that hangs in the middle of the room and three brightly painted pillars on either side of the swing. The viewer is offered to swing while observing the work, creating a movement that changes his perception of the space. The colors create an aesthetic experience that also guides the viewers’ movement around the space, bearing reference to a signal system which reminds us how colors can guide sailors and fishermen to a safe harbor during harsh conditions. The viewer activates the work with his rhythmic movement, creating a constantly changing perspective as the colored surfaces meet and overlap in different ways.

Blink / Augnablik, 2018