My hand, your hand, 2019

My hand, your hand is a three-dimensional painting made especially for MULTIS in a limited edition of five. For each piece, Ingunn Fjóla provides a hand painted wooden frame along with instructions that the owner follows, and thus completes the work at home. Ingunn Fjóla’s practice often employs acrylic paint, threads and wood in a way that breaks up and challenges the flat, two-dimensional surface of painting. A yellow square, painted by the owner of the work, serves as a background which stretches the artwork into the space of its future placement. With each edition comes a sheet of transparent paper accompanied by directions to fold it. By leaving some variables to the owner, Ingunn Fjóla allows space for personal interpretation, decision-making and collaboration, making each piece of the edition unique.

Acrylic paint, cotton, wood, paper
49.5 x 49.5 x 5 cm
Edition of 5

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