The work  of Ingunn Fjóla Ingþórsdóttir invites the audience to participate in the exhibition. Perception is participation in itself, but Ingunn Fjóla goes a step further and invites the audience to exert their influence over the piece. Play and playfulness, as well as a somewhat light-hearted reference to the playing-field, opens up a path towards the subject matter of the work, and, indeed, the theme of the exhibition. The elements of painting, colour, drawing and the surface, are all visible here, but have taken on another function – another role. The audience´s experience and perception is ignited with direct participation, and the exhibition space revitalised with a simple but effective arrangement. It is sometimes claimed that enjoying art is like a game of sorts. We agree to certain terms, or rules of the game, and through such an agreement we come to enjoy works of art. In Ingunn Fjóla´s work, the game becomes a driving force for movement in the piece and, as result, influences how it is perceived. To strengthen her case, Ingunn Fjóla makes references to interactivity and contemporary gaming culture.