Painted Angles is an ongoing series of paintings that dwells in the undefined space between painting, textile and assemblage. The works refer in different ways to their status as a paintings; they bear references to the history of painting at the same time as the traditional elements of painting are dismantled and put together in unconventional ways. Different woven materials, threads and canvases show signs of processes such as dyeing, folding and wrinkling, bearing witness to the artist’s touch and actions, evoking both the tactile and the visual perception of the viewers. The works establish an intimate relationship with the viewer, they lure the viewer to move around within the space and view from different angles, activating the body and senses. Ingunn Fjóla often explores the tension between order and chaos in her work as well as the relationship between stability and instability, static and motion. This contrast can be seen as the tension between geometric and hard-edge planes against more organic and loosely painted surfaces as well as the contrast between straight frames against the softer materials they often hold.

Painted Angles (pink flow)/ Máluð sjónarhorn (bleikt flæði), 2019